Together with our partner, future directions, headed by Prof. Dr. Dr. Kolo, we provide all-round support to our clients, starting with research services as well as methodical analysis and forecasting of markets, users and technologies on through to strategy development and implementation management. We apply in-depth problem analysis, readily understandable argumentation and solutions customized to specific client needs. Our goal is to provide the client with a measureable competitive advantage. Owing to its years of management experience as well as its teaching and research activities, future directions provides both fast, reliable results and professional expertise, applying innovative methodologies and tools to produce analytical excellence.

Examples of projects already completed:

  • Long-term planning of business segments for an international print media publisher, bringing in all digital channels and markets to determine calls for action and the importance of digital business
  • Evaluation of a variety of platform technologies for an international broadcasting service with respect to long-term trends in competition and demand
  • Business segment modelling and medium-term planning for a startup in online book publishing
  • Strategy study for a corporate publishing service provider to determine the future knowledge and skill employees will have to provide and the steps recruiting will have to take to meet this demand
  • Blueprint for the development of an innovation management process, including impact on the portfolio, for a media company
  • Analysis of core processes at a print media publisher – future challenges from a market perspective, the need to adapt and apply more efficient use of IT support systems
  • Development of brand name ad business in trans-regional news media and the ramifications for ad sales
  • Repositioning the online presence of a trans-regional print media provider
  • Potential und challenges presented by Web 2.0 applications for a media company with multiple B2C titles
  • Development of a classified ads strategy for a newspaper publisher
  • Development and implementation of online B2C portals (classifieds markets) for media companies
  • Development of a process for evaluating startups, particularly with respect to the internet and new media, in a consortium with three large European banks
  • Examination of the use of internet applications and a comparison of methods on behalf of a German network provider

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